Potentiated Vaccine 
for Global Immunization

Company motto

  • Potentiates vaccine for global immunization
  • No child left alone without vaccine 

Vision statement 

  • Innovative technology for novel vaccine 
  • Cold chain free nasal vaccine 
  • Peptide vaccine without pathogen 
  • Low cost T-Cell therapy for cancer and infectious disease

What NA Vaccine Institute has

  • An adjuvant for potentiated vaccine 
  • An adjuvant for both parenteral and mucosal vaccination
  • An adjuvant with a potent cell mediated immunity for cancer vaccines 
  • An adjuvant with the shelf life of 2 years at ambient temperature
  • The cost effective production system for the adjuvant 
  • Produces 100K dose of the adjuvant in less than a month

What NA Vaccine Institute does

Adjuvant related business

Licensing out of the vaccine adjuvant and/or contract research for the adjuvant development

  • Development of adjuvant for more potentiated but safer vaccines
  • Development for adjuvant for more effective parentreal and mucosal vaccine
  • Development for adjuvant for oral or nasal vaccine

Vaccine development; 

Own internal programs and collaboration with others

  • Nasal flu vaccine with a broad spectrum protection
  • Nasal vaccine without a medical staff 
  • Vaccine without cold chain 
  • Peptide based vaccine
  • Neo-epitope based cancer vaccine 

Where NA Vaccine Institute is heading to

  • The business model of NextAdjuvant is designed enabling technologies for adjuvant and enhanced vaccine development for global immunization maximizing efficacy while minimizing cost and risk.
  • Based on the efficacy of the vaccine adjuvant, we are developing the vaccines with the breakthrough features of the broad spectrum specificity by intradermal, oral, or nasal delivery routes.
  • We are collaborating with strategic corporate partners and licensing our vaccine adjuvant. We also focused in the reformulation of existing vaccines to reduce cost and improve efficacy while depleting the cold chain by modulating the adjuvant and antigen.
  • We are under the development and commercialization of the adjuvant and vaccine products.
  • We are setting up the industrial standard for the production of the novel adjuvant molecule, the industrial scale production, and QC guide line for each production steps. We will also provide contract services for the manufacturing and formulation of the adjuvant in your clinical trials.