teams and peoples

Dongho Kim, Ph.D. CEO

Ph. D. University of Texas at Austin

Postdoc. in Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

Staff Scientist/Director of RNAi core of Beckman Research Institute of COH

CEO and Founder of Cellonex, Biofactories, Genolution, IRI Pharma, NA Vaccine Institute  

Eui Ho Kim, Ph. D. CTO

 Ph. D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Immunology

Postdoc. Emory University, Vaccine immunology

Research Fellow at NIEHS, National Institutes of Health   

John Rossi, Ph. D.

Board director of scientific advisory

Chair and Professor, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope.

A World Leader in RNAi and in clinical research with nucleic acids.

Co-founder of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, Calando Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  

John Killmer, Ph.D.

Vice president: strategic alliance

Specialty in clinical trials. 30 years in biotechnology industries including 25 years with Monsanto. P&L, R&D and product management as

President of Monsanto China.

Soolim Oh

Vice President: marketing and HR

A marketing specialist in biotech. 

Served in BMS Korea for 28 years and made it from a new company to about $300 million sales groups. Served CEO and VP for more than 5 companies in the groups. 

Taerim Yun, CFO

Sungkyunkwan University, MBA

SK Telecom Team Leader , SK Planet Project Leader

Specialist in Finance, M&A, Venture Fund Investment, Business Portfolio Management

R&D Section 

cancer peptide vaccine 

neoepitope based peptide vaccine presented by a nanocomplex 

  • Breast cancer vaccine 
  • Colorectal cancer 

peptide vaccine for infectious disease 

epitope based peptide vaccine presented by a nanocomplex

  • Tuberculosis vaccine 
  • Influenza vaccine 
  • HPV vaccine 

peptide vaccine for chronic metabolic disorder

epitope based peptide vaccine presented by a nanocomplex

  • Diabetics 
  • Obesity  

peptide vaccine for allergy 

epitope based peptide vaccine presented by a nanocomplex

  • peanut allergy 

cancer immuno-therapy

DC mediated neoepitope priming for immuno-therapy

platform development 

optimization of nanocomplex and peptide epitope 

production team 

teams for production of adjuvant/peptide nanocomplex 

Rregulatory Affair 

teams for Pre-clinical/IND/Clinical trials management